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Chèvre Chaud 125:-

Gratinated Chévre. Marinated apple. Dried apple. Salted candied almonds.

Crevette rouge 129:-

Scarlet shrimp sauteed in provençale butter. Chili aïoli. Grilled lemon.

Soupe de Tourin 115:-

French tomato soup. Dried black olive. Semi dried tomatoes. Garlic croutons. Grated Comté.

Rillettes de Canard 115:-

Duck rillette. Pickled red cabbage. Jerusalem artichoke chips. Browned butter mayonnaise.

Toast Crevette Dijonnaise 125:-

Hand peeled shrimps. White fish roe. Dijonnaise, chervil, estragon, parsley. Fried capers. Cocktail tomatoes. Lemon. Sourdough bread.

Steak Tartar 125:- / 210:-

Bistro V´s classic mixed tartare made from fillet of beef. Marinated capers. Beets. Crispy potatoes. Horseradish. Cress.

Main Course

Salade César 185:-

Romaine lettuce. Ceasar dressing. Parmesan basket. Fillet of corn fed chicken. Bacon. Cocktail tomatoes. Pickled red onion. Croutons.

Moules Marinières 125:- / 210:-

White wine. Cream. Garlic. Chili. Parsley

Filet de boeuf 275:-

Fillet of beef. Balsamico baked red onion. Roasted vine tomatoes. Herb flavoured red wine sauce. Cold bearnaise sauce. Pommes frites.

Marmite de Poisson à la crème 235:-

Creamy fish soup made with the catch of the day. Hand peeled shrimp. Crispy fish chips. Roasted garlic aïoli. Carrot. Thinly sliced fennel. Small potatoes.

Confit de Canard 199:-

Confit of duck leg. Roasted potatoes. Sour orange gravy. Jerusalem artichoke puré. Baked beetroot. Crispy shallots.

Chou-fleur gratiné 225:-

Gratinated cauliflower. Stewed celeriac and beans. Apple vinegrette. Crispy jerusalem artichoke. Toasted sunflower seeds.

Specialté de la Semaine

Our dish of the week, ask one of our friendly staff.


Mousse au chocolat blanc 95:-

White chocolate mousse with sea buckthorn. Caramelized white chocolate. Oxalis

Cerise parfait 95:-

Cherry parfait. Almond crisp. Marinated cherries.

Veckans tryffel 35

Truffle of the week

Plateau de Fromage 115

Two types of cheese with garnish.