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The owners of V Hotel

From Plaza in Karlstad to No. 1 on TripAdvisor in Palma and Helsingborg

During sixteen years, we owned large hotels such as Grand Hotel in Helsingborg and Plaza in Karlstad. It was a fun and inspiring time, but actually we preferred small and personal hotels. The hotels were sold but a few years later we wanted to start afresh. The choice of hotel idea was then quite obvious: we wanted to create a smaller hotel with a strong identity where warm design and passionate hosting would be the main ingredients. A hotel where the guests felt more like coming home to someone than to a hotel. We wanted to create a real at-home feeling.
In 2010, we started Hotel Feliz in Palma de Mallorca. We followed our concept and the guests really liked coming “home” to us. When we took over Hotel Viking in 2014 the basic idea was the same, but adapted to the hotel’s specific conditions.
Today, all 49 rooms are renovated and have their own unique design. The same goes for our common areas, which we want to be perceived as a living room at home. Here the focus is on the details and small but constant changes.
The most important thing is our staff. We truly value our hosting work. Internally, we don’t talk about guests, but rather friends visiting our home. That we should act just as if we were hosting our own friends.
From the guest reviews for both Hotel Feliz and V Hotel we know that our teams have understood our idea and that it is appreciated. And we are proud to be number 1 on TripAdvisor in both Palma and Helsingborg.
Welcome to our home. We hope that you will enjoy staying with us.
Karin och Kjell Jacobsson