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Our history

In 1850 the building hosted a tavern called The Moon. In 1929, the building was reconstructed and became Hotel Vega – a contemporary maritime hotel

Fifty years later, the hotel underwent a major renovation. All the rooms were equipped with a shower and WC. At the same time, the name was changed to Hotel Viking

The history of the hotel mirrors its hosts and in-keepers, from Miss Holst in 1980, Miss Anderson in 1929, the Algot couple and Rut Karlsson who opened the famous Ölstugan in 1935, followed by Folke Mattsson in 1954, the Kaj family and Irene Larsson with relatives in 1977 and the Edlund family who expanded the hotel in 1986. In 2014, the current owners, the family Jakobsson, took over.

They are now taking the hotel into the future by launching a modern and centrally located boutique hotel, unique for Helsingborg. A hotel called V Hotel Helsingborg.